The BENEFITS to you and your children are:

  1. More efficient and predictable use of your funds;
  2. Greater focus of litigation;
  3. More flexible responses to unpredictable actions by the other side;
  4. Integrated presentation of your issues and evidence to the court or mediator; and
  5. Context for allegations, whether by you or to defend against you.

Value Added Divorce/Paternity is a process exclusively developed by Erik Carter for CARTER LEGAL SERVICES LLC based on his 20+ years experience in Indiana family law, his Six Sigma Master Black Belt and his background as a systems programmer. It is a strategic approach to divorce or paternity litigation, based on your vision of what your life and your children's lives should look like during and after the litigation.  It is unique in that every decision in the process is checked against your goals.

Value Added Divorce/Paternity is a strategic approach that allows you to define what your life and - if applicable - the lives of your children will look like after the litigation concludes. It is a process in which each step is measured against your vision of the short term objectives and the long term goals of the litigation and beyond.  the BLUE DOWNLOAD BUTTON to the right gives you instant access to the eBook written by Erik Carter to explain this client-centered approach. The GREEN DOWNLOAD Button gives you a one-page overview and flow chart of the process.  

VALUE ADDED DIVORCE/PATERNITY uses more than simply goals of litigation or a checklist of litigation specific steps to complete.  Your vision of your family is integrated into the litigation.  This is especially applicable to families with same sex parents; domestic violence, substance abuse, or emotional issues; or non-traditional work patterns or child rearing traditions so that the mediator, the judge or even the other side can see and understand how you want and need this next phase of your life to be constructed.

After you have reviewed the FREE eBook or Overview Summary, use our CONTACT PAGE to schedule your FREE strategic review of your situation.  Discuss how Value Added Divorce/Paternity can help you, and your children if applicable, have the optimal post-litigation life that you envision.  This is not a guarantee that your vision will be realized.  But your vision is more likely to be what is implemented if it is articulated and pursued.