Litigation is stressful. 
​ Having a confident and strong strategy keeps your case focused, efficient and cost-effective.  Whether you label this office a Noblesville divorce attorney, Hamilton County criminal defense or an advocate of Indiana appeals, the success of the case is based on whether your personal goals are achieved.
​ This office is built to efficiently execute the strategy of your case by integrating cutting edge technology, evolving legal principles and principled application of creativity. 
In addition to 20+ years of experience as an attorney, I am a Master Six Sigma Black Belt, certified life coach, business coach, as well as an experienced systems programmer.  This diversity and breadth helps me work with you to develop a specific strategy focused on your case and situation. 
This law office focuses on 3 areas of law: 1.   Family law:
a.   Divorce
b.   Paternity
​c.   Child support
d.   Modification of Divorce Decree
e.   Modification of Paternity Orders
f.    Adoption
g.   Guardianship
h.   Orders of Protection
​i. Same sex marriages and partnerships

2.   Criminal defense:
a.   DUI
b.   Battery
c.   Public intoxication
d.   Violation of Protective Orders
e.   Theft and conversion
f.    Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief
g.   Misdemeanors
h.   Felonies
i.    Traffic offenses and license suspensions
​j. Drug offenses

​3.   Appeals

Please use our CONTACT page to schedule your initial consultation, to review your situation and possibly develop a preliminary strategic approach.